fsolve.net (A work in progress)

What is fsolve?

fsolve is some sort of a Rubik's Cube solver. I'm not 100% sure where exactly the project will go, and that's exactly where the fun lies! fsolve makes no claim to be the fastest or most efficient Rubik's Cube solver. That's not the point in any respect; the initial hopes of the project are to create the most legible Rubik's Cube solver available The core of fsolve is written 100% with love and F#. It will stay as close to that as possible throughout its development.

What is fsolve.net?

fsolve.net is a site centered around fsolve, a Rubik's Cube solver. The point of this website is to be a very non-contrived example of its usage. At the brink of this project, I am but 2 months into F#. I've been doing C#/.NET development full-time for about a year now, so I have some familiary with the .NET framework, but very little with the F# language itself. This may be embarrassing for me, but will result hopefully in a very authentic tale of my journey through F#. Hopefully my code isn't too horrible along the way.

Who the F#__ is Stachu?

I'm a full-stack .NET web developer, working at AcademyOne working on various projects in the education space.

I don't know anything about these darn Rubik's Cubes!!!

Perfect! Let me introduce you to the great world of Speedcubing. Click here.

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